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Jazz Saxophone Etudes Vol. 2 For Alto And Tenor Sax

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This etude book was written with the idiomatic tendencies of the saxophone in mind. The etudes cover the full range of both the tenor and the alto. While some technical challenges are present, these etudes will feel comfortable and natural for all saxophone players. If you've ever tried playing an alto solo transposed for tenor (or vice-versa), you know that the transposed version of the solo never seems to 'lay right' on the non-native horn. This is because all of the fingerings of the notes have changed. In addition to the fingering changes, when a solo is transposed for a different horn, some notes will be out of the normal range of the saxophone. As a result, portions of phrases have to be transposed up or down an octave. My solution for this problem was to record two separate CD's - one for Eb alto saxophone and one for Bb tenor saxophone. Rather than have the saxophone player transpose to accommodate the rhythm section, I decided to have the rhythm section transpose to accommodate the saxophonist. The sax player, whether playing soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone, can read the same written part, and simply play along with the appropriate CD.

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